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Good website design contains thorough though of all areas involved in a website. It also involves knowing how to optimize each and every web page to assist in ranking well in Google and other search engines. Simply having a website which is not optimized is indeed a website, but will not help and in fact can hurt your ranking and therefore hurt your business.

What Is Difference Between Good & Bad Website Design

A website is a website. Right? Well… not really. Yes. A website is a place where people can go to find information about your business, but can be so much more AND IT SHOULD BE. 

The way a website looks is only a small part of the overall website design. Other factors like content, images, tags, optimization and more are all the other pieces that are critical in ensuring a good design.

When is the last time you went to a website and asked yourself “Why does this website look so bad?” Probably not too long ago. However, when is the last time you asked “Why can’t I find the information I am looking for?” Probably more often.  What’s even worse is when pages and content does not link making you frustrated and wanting to leave the website.

When you create a website, the designer, whether it be you or a professional company, needs to make sure every aspect of the site is on point. This way you can know that when people search, they will not only be able to find your website, but also not get frustrated due to a bad design.

Areas of Concern in the Design

OK, so what do you need to worry about when creating a website? Well, not much other than good communication with the developer if you have a company design your website. Otherwise, if you are designing the site, you will need to make sure all menus and pages link correctly, you have a good structure and all pages are optimized to its fullest. 

If you have a professional company build your website, here are some common questions to ask:

  •  Ask the company about their design process – A company that know the inter-workings of the process will tend to be a professional and not a beginner because they have done it many times
  • Ask your designer if they have any past clients they can speak with
  • Ask if your designer outsources anything – this is neither good nor bad if they outsource. This will just help give you an idea how reliable the designer is. If they have a lot of work to do in a website, they will tend to outsource areas to not only save time, but help in the areas that are not their strong suite.
  • Ask about after design maintenance – even though they may or may not offer maintenance, a better website design company will offer website maintenance like how we offer our Care Plan
  • Ask how many revisions you get – Usually you will get 2 or 3 revisions and then will be charged an hourly rate to make any additional changes so make sure to ask what their hourly rate is.

To Recap

there is a real difference between good and bad website design. Knowing these differences can help you create a better website. Also, knowing what questions to ask a website designer can mean the difference between a quality or mediocre website. 

If you need a website built for your small business, please do not hesitate to contact us to see how TnV Creations can help.

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