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TnV Creations is a Chicago-based web site development firm. We were founded in January of 2010 and continue to run strong. The mission of our company is to help businesses from the small mom and pop shops to mid-sized businesses build their presence and engage with their customers through web design, hosting and artificial intelligence software.

Web design is not all the same because businesses are not all the same. One business may need an appointment scheduler when another does not. 

TnV Creations specializes in listening to the customer. We find out who you are as a business, what your struggles are and then build around this information to help your business. After all, your website is an extension of your business so why shouldn’t it perform like your business?

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Beautiful website design for your small business.

01. Website Design

As a small business, you may be getting your first website designed. This comes with caution and many times a limited budget.

We build custom designs around your business and also offer templated designs to help save some money.

Whether you choose a custom or templated design, we make every effort to make your website look it's best and perform like it should.

02. Mobile First (Responsive)

We build with the "Mobile First" mindset.

Google has stated that they rank websites better when mobile design offers a good UX (user experience).

All our websites are mobile response meaning they can be viewed on any size screen (without the need to resize the page with pinching and expanding).

03. Website Care Plan

We know that a website takes a lot to design and a lot to maintain. This is why we offer our "Care Plan" as a method for the busy businesses. You will not need to worry about making sure your website stays updated and secure.

We provide off-site backups along with core website updates allowing the best security and disaster recovery available.

04. Strategic Analysis

Help understanding where your website can improve to help your business is always great to have. We look for areas your website can improve performance and provide ideas to help your website engage with your customers.



If you’re a business owner and not sure if you need a website, I want to save you some time and trouble. Simply put, you need one. Let me explain a few reasons why.

NO WEBSITE NO BUSINESS: 30 Percent will not even consider your business if you do not have a website. People expect (especially now in this digital age) businesses to have a website. Without one, they may consider a business new or potentially less professional.

REACH: The majority of people that are looking for a business, look for them online first. If you do not have a website, they will simply not find you and that is lost potential customers. 97% of all people looking for information for a business or certain type of business industry search online first! 

Think about it. The last time you looked for a service, where did you look? Probably Google or some other search engine.

This brings us to another reason for a website….

ENGAGEMENT: These people that are looking for your business will also have a place to engage with your business. When you have Call To Actions and a contact form, they have places to interact and ask questions. the more activity you receive from a person, the more interest they have, the more potential you have to a future customer.

QUESTIONS: With a well thought out website design, you have a way to help answer questions for a customer before they need to ask. This can help provide trust in your company when someone can get their questions answered quickly AND without the need to call, chat or email anyone.

Now, I stated that you need a well thought out website design. This means that not only the appearance, but optimizing the website for search engines needs to be thought out as well. Every part of the website has a role to play. Having the right content can help you rank better in search engines like Google and beat your competition.
(If you want to learn more about Search Engine Optimization, CLICK HERE)

SOCIAL MEDIA: Having social media accounts is a great step for a business. However, it SHOULD NOT be the only form of business relations. Companies like Facebook continuously change their platform and tend to make it harder for businesses to market themselves without the “Pay to Play” method. Just because you have a social media account does not mean you will be found easily. After all, you have an account, but so does EVERY other business!

In this digital age, a good website design and seo optimized site is an essential element for businesses no matter the size or type. It helps increase your brand and provides an outlet for customers to interact with you. 

No matter the industry you are in or the size of your business, you need a great website deign to display your business and TnV Creations can help you. Contact us today for a free quote.


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