Chatbots are the new “voice” in customer communication. A chatbot is in simple words…  computer programs which respond to texts or digital chats. they carry on human-like conversation allowing you to collect information from your customers along with helping them understand your business better.


Chatbots are computer programs which allow pre-determined communication with their guest. There are different ways in which a bot can be programmed. Rules-Based and NLP (Natural Language Processing) are among the two most popular.

A rules-based chatbot is one which you create rules for each chat you want the bot to perform. For example, you can determine the flow you want the guest to follow and create different steps with defined results. This way, anyone interacting with the chatbot will have to follow a defined set of questions and answers. these bots are most popular in service related fields. If you would like to see live examples of chatbots in action, please see Innovative Chatbots Examples.


As mentioned, chatbots can be very helpful in service related businesses. A great example would be a salon. A salon receives many phone calls per day setting appointments and answering commonly asked questions. A chatbot can help answer these questions and set the appointments, but can also add these appointments to spreadsheets, CRM platforms and a ton of other places. They can also embed images and provide different outputs based on a users selection unlike traditional forms.

Another major reason to use chatbots are because of their conversion rates. the average form and email converts at 3% while it’s not unheard of to reach 75+% conversions with chatbots.


This is a question that every business asks. Chatbots can range from free to thousands of dollars. The price depends on a number of areas such as

  • Amount of conversation steps needed
  • Integration with other softwares
  • The platform the bot will be used on
  • The company building the chatbot
  • If you are programming the bot or if you are having a company create the bot for you

Chatbots can range in price widely. If you have questions on pricing or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Chatbots can be a major change in business production when built and used correctly. They can help reduce unneeded phone calls, book appointments, integrate with software, help manage staff priorities and more.

Let us know if you have any chatbot related questions.

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