You need a website for your business. Here's what you need to know.

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This is something that I hear a lot, but when I ask a few common questions that designers ask to design a website, I get a jaw-dropping effect. One that kind of looks like this:

There is a lot to making a website and I am going to run through everything that you will need to be able to provide your web designer (hopefully me) so they can give you their quote for the project.

Recent Conversation

Here is a recent conversation I had with a client which was looking for a website for their small farm.

Them: I am looking for someone to design my website for my farm. Just wondering what you charge and time line on when you can get it done?

Me: I would love to help! However, it is hard to provide a price, because I do not know what you need in your website and I have plans that I can offer too. Can you give me a little information on what your looking for in the website? 

As you can see from this conversation, the client left me wondering! I had to ask a bunch of questions to narrow down what they wanted or needed.

Ideas You Should Have In Mind

When you are in need of a website for your business, there are some basic questions you should be able to answer before seeking services to help you build the site:

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Can you describe the style of the website you want?

Here is a good article that shows some different themes and how they can give an idea to what you may be looking for

Do you currently have a website for your business or is this site going to be brand new?

This is a simple question, but can have a big affect on what a web designer will charge. If you have a website already, then the web designer will not need to worry about getting you hosting or a domain name. However, if this is all new to you/your business, then you will need a domain name, hosting and possibly an SSL certificate which we will cover in a little bit.

Do you have a budget you are trying to meet?

Everyone hates this question, but it is essential to allow as much as I can without overcharging or under-cutting ourselves. As a web designer, we want to give you the best value we can, but also remember, this is a business and we need to meet our criteria.

Do you have pictures you want to use or does the web designer need to supply them?

Depending on the designer and the project, they may or may not supply picture to be used in the website. If they supply them, you can usually expect an extra charge. This charge is because they have to pay for these pictures as well as if you got them.

How many and what type of pages are you looking for in the website (Ex. 3 pages with Home, About us, and Contact us pages)?

This is one of the big questions that you should really think about. Depending on the web designer or business, some charge differently than others. For example, some designers may charge by the project and have a max of 10 pages while others charge by the page. There is no set charging rate and you should have a good idea what you are looking for so you also know how to ask the designer how they charge.

How long will the website take to make?

This again all depends on the designer and the complexity of the project. However, the designer should be able to give you a time-frame that they will complete the project in. Just be aware that they may need to ask questions and the promptness of completing the project may depend on how fast you can reply to their questions so make sure you provide them with an email or phone number that you will be readily available to .

Now, these are by far not all the questions that a web developer is going to ask, but with having answers to these questions, a web developer can more easily provide you a quote for your new website! For a list of questions you can ask a web designer, here is a list you can review for questions to ask and think about. 15 Questions to Ask a Web Designer

Parts of Website Design that affect cost

There are different parts that comprise of the overall website. These different parts have a cost behind them and some will cost (usually annually) for the time that your website is active.

Domain Name - Annual Cost

Domain Names for $0.88

A domain name is the name that people use to search for your website. For example, my domain name is

powered by Namecheap

When registering a domain name, there are a few things to keep in mind:
1. Make the name something relevant to your niche. for example, if your niche is about poodles, make the name something like
2. Do not use hyphens or other characters in your domain name unless absolutely needed. they are hard to remember and can cause confusion

If you are looking for a good registrar (a company you can get a domain name from), I suggest Namepheap is all I use anymore. I can’t rave enough about them. Right now you can Register your domain names from $0.88 or less! 

Get started by looking for your domain name below.

powered by Namecheap

Web Hosting - ANNUAL COST

A web host is the company that holds all your files to your website and distributes them to people as they come to your website.  Without a web host, no one will ever be able to see your website. this is because the web host is a server that converts the code in the files into viewable objects and text in the web browser that you use (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

Web hosting prices can range from free to hundreds per month depending on your needs. If you are just starting out, I suggest that you try Bluehost. They are a top rated web host which has great performance at a great price for shared hosting.

Logo Design - One Time Fee

Having a logo is not a huge necessity. However, if you are planning on making a brand for your company, it is a great idea to get a logo. 

You do not have to spend a ton on a logo. In fact, you can create one yourself and then upgrade once you start building your business. However, if you would like a great logo at a great price, I suggest you try using they have great logos at a great price and you can also get free stuff that will help when you are building a website for your business!

Content Writing - Per piece COST

Content is king for your website. You will need to make sure you have unique, valuable and accurate information on your website that will not only provide your readers the information they are looking for, but also provide them a sense of awe with the information you give.

Now, you can create your own content easily, but not all of us are writters. For us that are not, I also suggest you take a look at they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If they are a little too much for what you would like to pay per piece, I also have writers that can help you out. Just reach have a look at our Content Writing Page.

Content Writing only for $75 - Logoinn

Picture gathering and Usage - Per Picture COST

Pictures are a very important part of any website. let’s face it. Would you like to look at a website with nothing but text? No. No one would. It would feel like your reading a term paper. So, where do you get these pictures? Well, you get them from your camera by taking them yourself. There are also a number of website that you can get stock photos from which a designer can use on your website, but you have to get these and provide them to the designer. Any easier way would be to let the designer use their images which meet your niche. It may cost a little more, but could save a lot of time hunting down pictures that you will most likely need to pay for anyway.

Next Steps

Now that you have a better understanding of what is all needed to get a website and what you will need to provide a web designer, next step is to contact a designer.

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